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The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly Call it 3.5 stars. A solid legal thriller that seems ideal for it's big-screen adaptation. Haller is an interesting guy, a lawyer who has decided the best way to be a defense attorney with a clear conscience is to only defend the guilty. If you lose, well, a bad guy went to jail. His biggest fear is that he won't recognize an innocent man when he sees one. The book involves two cases, one old one new, and a surprising connection between them that brings that fear right to the forefront.

The book moved along at a decent pace, and the characters are colorful. I like Mickey Haller a lot, despite how close to the ethical line he runs. Neither side fights fair, so his underhanded tactics just serve to level the playing field. A solid book, though I might actually like the movie better. Particularly the scene where Haller thoroughly evicserates the young prosecutor, having turned the state's own corrupt witness against them.