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Don't Stop the Carnival - Herman Wouk I read this a few years ago, after listing to Jimmy Buffett's concert CD of the play he made out of it. A fun cautionary tale about a middle-aged Broadway PR guy who has a mild heart attack and buys a hotel on a fictional Caribbean island. Very quickly Norman runs afoul of the trials and tribulations of building ownership in the tropics, such as a wonky water cistern, crazy employees, and his financial backer who managed to get one of those crazy employees mad enough to hunt him down with a machete. I winced a bit at some of the portrayals of the native islanders, and of women for that matter, but it was written before I was born so I sort of expected a bit of that. Doesn't make it okay, but it only detracts a bit from the adventure. If it's something that would bother you, though, best to avoid the book.