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Abaddon's Gate  - James S.A. Corey 4.5 Stars.

Abaddon’s Gate is the third book in James S. A Corey’s Expanse series, and it kicks a whole heck of a lot of ass. James Holden is haunted – literally. Miller is dead, but that doesn’t stop the detective from appearing to Holden again and again, each time speaking nonsense, or possibly a warning, to him. Despite that, things couldn’t get much better for his plucky crew. They are flush with cash after some successful freelance missions, they have a ship that’s been refit and repaired better than it was before, and they can keep out of the political mire that from the events.

It all changes when Mars wants their ship back and brings considerable legal muscle to bear. Holden has to deal, and it lands him exactly where he doesn’t want to be, heading straight for the gate built by the alien protomolecule (remember that?). Where it leads and the consequences of it all are vast, and could decide the fate of humanity.

We get a few new POV characters – a Methodist pastor among many religious leaders heading out to the gate to try and make sense of it, and a woman with an axe to grind with Holden and the crew. It’s kind of funny, since I’ve traveled in many of the same internet circles with Ty Franck (one half of the James S. A Corey pseudonym) I know exactly where the pastor character comes from and why certain areas are mentioned. I enjoyed the book immensely, even if Bobbie Draper’s absence was noted. This book could be considered a trilogy’s end, but they’ve got more stories to tell in this world, and let’s just say the ending is ‘open’ to it. Highly recommended.

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