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47 Ronin

47 Ronin - Mike Richardson, Stan Sakai What, is this some sort of repeat? Nope! I got a copy of a totally different adaptation of the 47 Ronin story via NetGalley, this time drawn by Stan Sakai (of Usagi Yojimbo fame). I won't rehash the gist of the story but I will say I enjoyed this version quite a bit more. It's written by Mike Richardson, with editorial assistance by Kazuo Koike of Lone Wolf and Cub, and the prose here seems clearer, with fewer abrupt shifts into stereotypical 'shouty Samurai' the previous version I read had. The team included a few more character moments and a bit more insight into the pain and suffering the 47 endured while waiting for their vengeance, and it makes all the difference. Definitely well worth the time and effort (the link above is to the forthcoming collection, due out on March 4th).